New group to head Flopeye Fish Festival

The Flopeye Fish Festival will continue with the help of a new group of volunteers.

The news that the annual festival would be held again was announced Monday by former Festival Chairwoman Sallie Hudson.

Hudson submitted a letter to the editor in the March 12 issue of The Great Falls Reporter stating she felt it was time for “some new blood” and new volunteers to head the festival that is held Memorial Day weekend each year.

“Great Falls has many capable and talented people that I have asked to chair the festival but would not,” Hudson said. “The festival needs a volunteer or volunteers to step up and be ready and willing to devote their time and energy into the event.”

Hudson scheduled a meeting for March 19 and asked anyone interested in volunteering with the festival to attend.

“I am willing to help an individual who wants to volunteer their time this year, to help get them going,” Hudson said. Hudson’s plea for help was answered.

“Eleven people attended the meeting and talked about what they could do,” Hudson said.

Alex Walters has agreed to serve as chairman of the festival with Todd Wright and Kathy Hinson serving as co-chairpersons.

The Flopeye Fish Festival will be held on Saturday, May 24.

Wright said the group hopes to hold a street dance on Friday, May 23; and an after-the-festival dance on Saturday at the Great Falls Shrine Club.

Another meeting will be scheduled soon and anyone who is willing to volunteer with the festival is asked to call 482-6029 and leave a message. Messages will be returned and information about the next meeting provided.