National Library Week helps promote literacy

April 14-20 is National Library Week and the promotion of literacy is at a premium throughout the nation. The Lewisville Community Library at 3771 Lancaster Highway in Richburg is pulling out all the stops to celebrate literacy. Branch Manager Tawana Davis, who transferred last fall from the main library in Chester, said the transition to the Lewisville branch library has been great. “This is a great community!” Davis said. “The clientele is great and the main focus here is to keep the public reading. We want to provide great services for the people of this community.”

The Lewisville Community Library will sponsor a summer reading program called “Ride to Read.” The library will hold a random drawing for three bicycles to be given to patrons who take part in this promotion of literacy project, Davis said. “We just want to have a service that people enjoy,” she said. “We’re always promoting reading.”

On Monday, Davis and Davida Schultz, the branch librarian assistant, welcomed staff and clients of the Chester County Disabilities & Special Needs program to the Lewisville library. Davis entertained the group with a puppet show using library mascots, Ally, a white owl and Brownie, a brown rabbit. “Ally, it’s daylight and I know you’re supposed to be sleeping,” Davis told the owl. “I’m sorry I woke you up but we have company.” Davis introduced the puppets to the visiting group and allowed them to hug and kiss the puppets. Next, she read the book, “I Took My Frog To The Library” by Eric A. Kimmel. In this book, a hyena laughs so loudly that nobody can hear the story, a giraffe tries to read over everybody’s shoulder, a frog jumps on the check-out desk and scares the librarian and a hen does, well, what hens do.

“I took my hen to the library and she laid eggs in the card catalog,” Davis read as the group roared with laughter. After the puppet show and book reading, the visitors watched the movie, “Chicken Run.” When the movie ended, the clients of the disabilities and special needs program laughed, clapped and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their visit to this library. They enjoyed snacks and drinks with the library staff before their departure. Mary McCullough, a direct support staff member of the special needs program, said the group enjoys these type adventures.

“They really enjoy going out,” she said. “They love movies, they love stories and they really enjoy being out among other people.” At its entrance, the Lewisville Community Library offers a table of recycled books and on a table nearby, are audio books for those who want to be read to while traveling or just relaxing. The children’s books at this library are vast and the section has a special rocking chair at its center. Once each month, the library, in collaboration with Clemson Extension, holds a “Cooking With Books” event that offers a snack and a book reading, Davis said. A local history room is available there for patrons to search their heritage or simply learn more about Chester County. Also in this library, there is a specially created space to enjoy a book, magazine or newspaper with a wonderful view of nature. The Lewisville branch library is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Richburg residents strongly support this library and often, those traveling through the area drop by just to access special services such as the Internet, Shultz said.

“I think libraries are very important so everyone can have access to what they need and because it’s important everyone learns to read,” she said. “The people here are appreciative of our services. It’s a wonderful library and I love the people of this community!”