More jobs appear to be on the way

What has already been a good summer for Chester County in terms of economic development may be about to get even better.

On Monday night, Chester County Council is slated to discuss two issues related to “Project: Witness.” (Economic development projects typically go by a code name until plans are fully finalized.) One item on the agenda is first reading (in title only) of “an ordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of a fee agreement by and between Chester County, South Carolina and ‘Project Witness’ providing for a payment of a fee-in-lieu of taxes and other incentives; and other matters related thereto.” The second measure up for discussion is an “inducement resolution providing for a fee in lieu of tax agreement between Chester County and ‘Project Witness.’

As is usually the case, specific details of the business or industry involved are withheld until the project is passed and announced. However, County Supervisor Carlisle Roddey said it will mean more jobs for Chester County residents.

“It will be going in an existing building in the county,” said Roddey.

Roddey anticipates the company will bring about 260 jobs with it to Chester.

Just over two weeks ago, a long-anticipated announcement was made that Giti Tires was bringing more than $500 million in investment and 1,700 jobs to the county.