Monument to honor local veterans

Names of local veterans and their branch of service are needed for a veteran’s memorial planned by Chester County and the Flopeye Fish Festival. A list of names and the branch of service the veteran served in has been compiled. The committee is asking everyone to call Great Falls Feed & Seed at 482-2101 or Gladden-Hudson Realty at 482-4241 to confirm correct spelling and branch of service for the veterans. Names and information can also be dropped off at both locations. Names may be missing from the list already compiled. If the veteran is a resident of Great Falls and surrounding communities, you are asked to confirm information for the memorial.

Names will be displayed on brass plaques inside a wooden showcase built by Harvey Ammons.
The group hopes to display the names in alphabetical order. Names are needed by Feb. 15.
The showcase will be permanently mounted in the Great Falls War Memorial Building.
A dedication service is planned in March.