Lutz Foundation gives $15K grant to Fort Lawn Community Center

The Fort Lawn Community Center has received a grant from the Lutz Foundation which will help town and county residents advance in both educational and professional pursuits, said Director Libby-Sweatt Lambert.

“We’re very, very pleased that the Fort Lawn Community Center has received a very generous grant of $15,000 to purchase GED and WorkKeys testing supplies, equipment and software,” she said. Before this donation, the community center was limited in its scope to fully help those who needed additional education or job assistance. “We’ve never had the supplies to do the testing,” Sweatt-Lambert said. “This grant will allow us to purchase everything we need and implement test procedures.”

The Clarence and Anna Lutz Foundation is a family foundation that was established in 1996 to help local communities of Chester County, said Vice President Joan Guyton, the niece of the founders. Her husband, Dewey G. Guyton, serves as president of this foundation which has given out $350,000 in donations this year alone, she said. The grant to Fort Lawn was given because the Lutz Foundation knew that the community center would use it to the best benefit of the community, Guyton said.

“Fort Lawn has been a good community to work with and they reach a lot of people,” she said. Sweatt-Lambert is grateful for the monetary gift and is especially pleased that the town’s community center can now help local residents obtain needed testing without the inconvenience of having to travel beyond town limits.

“People won’t have to drive to Chester, Lancaster or Rock Hill to take the tests now,” she said.