Lewisville Elementary cubs walking (sometimes running) for health

The Lewisville Elementary students got an extended recess on Wednesday to allow them to take part in School Walk Day. School Walk Day is a state-wide effort to promote walking as a lifetime fitness activity.
Despite the barely-above-freezing temperatures, the students eagerly walked laps around the LES parking lot.
They were joined in the morning by district Superintendent Dr. Agnes Slayman and Associate Super Dr. Charles King, as well as LES Principal Wanda Frederick.
The walk was part of the school-wide CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) activity. Members of the Chester Healthcare Foundation were also invited to take a walk and many did. The CHF funds the school’s CATCH program.
CATCH coordinator Stephen Raines explained that SC School Walk Day was about “getting the kids out during their recess time (and LES Principal Wanda Frederick was kind enough to make it an extended recess time) and they’re walking around promoting exercise,” he said.
“The whole CATCH program is all about promoting healthy lifestyles, and the things that you should be doing on a regular basis to keep fit,” he said. He pointed out that some of the students had so much energy they were actually running around the lot, not just walking.
“If we can get them and keep them active at the elementary school age, it should translate to a healthier lifestyle later on in life.”