Harmony Hills Nursery and Landscaping in new location

Claude Mauldin, Jr. took a job as a teenager just for the opportunity to drive farm equipment, he said. It was hard to imagine back then that this childhood interest would lead to his future career.

“At age 13, I always wanted to drive a tractor,” Mauldin said. “I took a job at the original Harmony Hills Nursery in Edgemoor just to drive that tractor.”

Twenty years later, Mauldin is the owner of Harmony Hills Nursery & Landscaping. The business opened in its new location at 5821 Lancaster Highway in Fort Lawn in May. Mauldin is also an independent dealer of Southern States Farm, Home and Garden supplies in the store located behind Cooter’s Carpets. The business has three employees and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m.  to 6 p.m.

“We sell mostly anything for the farm and garden,” Mauldin said. “If you want it done or want to do it yourself, we have the supplies and products to do it.”

Harmony Hills Nursery & Landscaping, a family-oriented business that was purchased from the original owner in 1997, provides landscaping, irrigation, lawn maintenance, rainwater harvesting and drainage services, Mauldin said.

Mauldin, his uncle, Hugh Mauldin, who sold pet pharmaceuticals and his aunt, Clydeanne Mauldin, a 30-year nurse, initially went into this business together, the owner said.

In addition to trees, shrubbery, potted plants and yard décor; Mauldin’s business also offers a wide array of shovels, rakes, pitchforks, animal products, pet vaccinations and so much more, he said.

“We grow our own plants at the nursery,” Mauldin said. “We grow about 80 percent of what we sell.”
Mauldin is very particular about the products that he sells to his customers, he said.

“I go to the mountains and cut the trees myself so I know they’re fresh,” Mauldin said.

Customers can rest assured that when they buy from Mauldin that he is giving them the best products that he can offer, he said.

“We’re high on quality,” Mauldin said. “I wouldn’t sell something that I wouldn’t buy myself.”

For more information, call 803-524-4961 or email Mauldin at  HYPERLINK

Harmony Hills Nursery and Landscaping has a wide variety of pet, garden and farm products.

Denyse Middleton, Reporter