Education For All Ages

Chester County embraces the future with a superb school system and teaching corp. Sixty percent of our teachers hold a Masters Degree or higher, and our schools have been lauded for high academic achievement with Palmetto Gold and Silver awards. We’ve also received numerous state awards for our school-business partnerships and volunteer efforts, and school clubs that harness students’ energy and creativity.

Public and Private Schools

Our public schools boast modern facilities with state-of-the-art wireless technology and the 2nd highest percentage of National Board-Certified compared to teachers of our border counties. We provide 13 excellent K-12 private schools, and our high schools offer multiple AP courses for college credit, virtual learning labs from USC and York Technical College, and two-way interactive distance learning studios. Parents can also choose from nine regional International Baccalaureate and five foreign language schools.

Colleges and Universities

The Carolinas are well-known for excellent universities and colleges, and Chester County is no exception. Over 40 higher education institutions lie within a 60-mile radius, including University of South Carolina, Winthrop University, UNC Charlotte and Wofford University. Locally, York Technical College supports our businesses with 37 programs, an Industrial & Engineering Technologies division, and a new generation of computer numerically-controlled machines for greater productivity and production.

Want more information? Below you’ll find more detail on educational institutions in our region.