Why Choose Chester?

In South Carolina, along Interstate 77 between Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC, there’s a place just 40 minutes from metropolitan advantages, yet moments from a lifestyle filled with promise and possibilities; where you can see the stars at night and where businesses and business opportunities shine brightly along our industrial corridor. A place to raise a family, your standard of living, and your goals. Chester County.

The ideal choice for business. For life.


Real Estate


Shopping + Dining

Did You Know?

For Business

South Carolina has the lowest corporate income tax rate in the Southeastern US.

For Life

Chester County has something for everyone, including museums, performing arts and festivals.

For Business

In Chester County, our total civilian labor force is 95,694 within a 30-mile radius.

For Life

Median home values have soared 56% in the past 7 years, surpassing growth in neighboring counties.