Chester County Economic Development

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CCED Business Retention and Expansion Program

Chester County Economic Development understands the importance of retaining and expanding existing business because research has shown that existing businesses represent 70% - 80% of new investment and job creation in a community. A strong BRE program:

  • returns investment to the community;
  • are less costly than recruitment programs;
  • promotes partnerships in economic growth with the decision-makers of local businesses; and  
  • supports business recruitment through peer-to-peer marketing.

As a result, a full time Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Manager was hired in August 2007 to devote full attention to the businesses in Chester County. Through the established BRE Program, CCED is able to offer a great resource to our businesses.

The sole purpose of the CCED’s comprehensive BRE Program is the retention and expansion of existing industry in Chester County. The BRE Manager works with existing industry to aid in retention and expansion projects. We make it a top priority to be an excellent resource for our existing industry. When a company comes to us for assistance, if we do not immediately know the answer, we will be able to either provide a contact or we will research and find the answer ourselves.
CCED has many allies that work together to make Chester County an opportune place for industry. From the Employment Security Commission to York Technical College and its new Chester Center (where our offices are located), to our utility companies and many more, CCED is working to provide resources and assistance to our industrial base.

Examples of Assistance to Chester County Industry:

  • Fast Track Permitting, both State and Local
  • Employment Issues
  • Utility Issues
  • Liaison to Chester County Officials and Departments
  • Provide Industry Information and Contacts to Chester County Officials and Departments
  • Provide Information and Contacts to State and Federal Departments
  • Workforce Issues
  • Advocate on Issues Important to Local Industries in the Areas of Transportation, Regulations, and Policy Matters
  • Identify Sites and Buildings Available for Expanding Industry
  • Conduct Regular Visits with Existing Industries

Visitation Program and Surveying: Regular visits and tours of Chester County industrial facilities provide an opportunity for CCED to:

  • establish and maintain rapport and solid working relationships with our existing businesses;
  • fosters a better understanding of businesses and their products;
  • gives insight and information during company visits that can be used to identify supplier linkages and to  create new intra-county business relationships,
  • increases our understanding of the Chester County business community; and
  • most importantly - provides the company with the opportunity to learn more about CCED and our commitment to retaining and expanding our existing industries.

Industry Appreciation Week: Each year CCED coordinates Industry Appreciation Week in Chester County. This is a celebration to thank industries for their presence and commitment to the Chester County community. Typically we have plant tours attended by county leaders, and a social event for plant managers and their spouses.

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