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L&C/Gulf & Ohio makes payment on Gateway commitment

Brian Garner
August 26, 2014

The News & Reporter

Officials from the Lancaster & Chester and the Gulf & Ohio Railways stopped by the Gateway Conference Center recently to make a payment on their commitment to support the facility, bringing with them a $10,000 check to help upgrade it.

The $10,000 is part of a $20,000 commitment the L&C/Gulf & Ohio made to the Gateway, said Tony Pope, senior VP with First Citizens and chairman of the Chester Facilities Corporation.

He said other partners in economic development were also making contributions, including First Citizens, the Chester Healthcare Foundation, Founders Federal Credit Union and Chester Natural Gas.

The money from L&C/Gulf & Ohio will be used for upgrading the Gateway Conference Center facility and will purchase tables and chairs for some of the conference rooms and equip the rooms with audio/visual capabilities. Some of the money from the commitments was used for the electronic sign in front of the building.

“We're excited that these companies have stepped up and are allowing us to put the finishing touches on the Gateway,” said Pope.

The look of such a conference center can be important for impressing prospective industries, some of the business partners say.

“Facilities like the Gateway generate a significantly more positive impression of competence and enthusiasm for attracting new industries, like Giti Tire,” said Peter “Doc” Claussen, president of the Gulf & Ohio Railway. “When you're just talking to the industries and prospective industries, it's always difficult to just talk about them. You need a place where you can show pictures, and what if it's raining at the site? The weather is out of your control,” he said.

When it comes to courting new industry, it's all about the appearance, Claussen added.

“You want to have a facility that looks like it has had solid investment, because that generates the impression the county and the support services and infrastructure will be able to supply the needs for the customer, going forward. It makes a good first impression,” he said.

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