Chester County Economic Development
Additional Incentives

Additional Incentives

In addition to tax credits and exemptions, we may offer these incentives for qualifying businesses.

  • Multi-County Park Status can enhance Job Tax Credits with an additional $1,000/job for Jobs Tax Credit.
  • Job Development Credits are discretionary incentives that rebate a portion of new employees’ withholding taxes and can be used to address specific needs of individual companies. These credits are approved on a case-by-case basis by the S.C. Coordinating Council for Economic Development (CCED). To qualify, a company must meet certain requirements including paying 50% of health care benefits and a manufacturing wage of $13.16 per hour, and jobs must be for full-time employment. 
  • Special Source Revenue Credit can be offered at the county’s discretion to assist a company with specific project costs for a site, site preparation, and infrastructure.
  • Permit Fees may be discounted based upon a company’s investment and number of jobs.
  • Grants may be applied for and secured by Chester County to help a company initiate its business.
  • Land cost write-downs or subsidies may be available if a company chooses to build on county property.
  • Utility rate economic development riders or other incentives may apply.
  • Recruiting, screening, pre-employment training, post-hire training, and incumbent training can be made available through readySC™ – a state program which focuses on the training needs of new and existing businesses and industries in South Carolina. Examples include ISO 9000, Total Quality Management, World Class Concepts, and Team Building classes.

LINK: Ready SC

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